A Sweet Celebration: 10 Christmas Cookie Recipes to Satisfy Your Holiday Cravings


‘Tis the season to indulge in delicious treats and spread joy, and what better way to do that than with a plate of freshly baked Christmas cookies? Baking cookies is a beloved holiday tradition that brings warmth and togetherness to your home. In this blog, we’ll explore 10 delightful Christmas cookie recipes that will fill your kitchen with the delightful aroma of the holiday season. From classic favourites like gingerbread and sugar cookies to creative twists like peppermint chocolate and snickerdoodles, you’ll find something for everyone in this sweet, festive collection.

1. Classic Sugar Cookies

Nothing says Christmas like a batch of beautifully decorated sugar cookies. These timeless treats are the perfect canvas for your creativity. Here’s how to make them:

– Cream together butter and sugar, then add an egg and vanilla extract.

– Gradually blend in flour and a pinch of salt until the dough comes together.

– Chill the dough, roll it out, and use festive cookie cutters to create shapes.

– Bake until the edges are golden, then let them cool before decorating with royal icing and sprinkles.

2. Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread cookies are a quintessential Christmas delight. The warm spices and molasses make them incredibly flavourful. Here’s how to make them:

– Cream butter, brown sugar, molasses, and an egg.

– Add ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and flour to make the dough.

– Roll it out and use gingerbread man cookie cutters.

– Bake until firm and decorate with royal icing or simply enjoy their spiced goodness.

3. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

These cookies look like they’ve been dusted with snow, making them a perfect addition to your Christmas cookie platter. To make chocolate crinkle cookies:

– Combine cocoa powder, sugar, and vegetable oil.

– Mix in eggs and vanilla, then add flour, baking powder, and a pinch of salt.

– Chill the dough, roll into balls, and coat with powdered sugar.

– Bake until they crackle, forming beautiful chocolate crinkles.

4. Peppermint Chocolate Cookies

For a delightful combination of rich chocolate and cool peppermint, try making peppermint chocolate cookies. Here’s how:

– Cream butter and sugar, then add eggs and vanilla.

– Stir in flour, cocoa powder, and baking soda.

– Fold in crushed peppermint candies and chocolate chips.

– Drop spoonful of dough onto the baking sheet and bake until the edges are set.

5. Snickerdoodles

Snickerdoodles are soft, cinnamon-sugar-coated cookies that offer a cozy, holiday comfort. Here’s how to make them:

– Cream butter, sugar, and eggs, and add a dash of vanilla.

– Stir in flour, cream of tartar, baking soda, and salt.

– Shape the dough into balls and roll them in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.

– Bake until they’re lightly golden and slightly cracked.

6. Linzer Cookies

Linzer cookies are a classic European treat perfect for the holidays. They’re known for their beautiful lattice tops and fruity jam centres. Here’s how to create them:

– Cream butter and sugar, then mix in an egg, vanilla, and almond extract.

– Blend in flour, ground almonds, and a pinch of salt to form the dough.

– Roll out the dough and cut it into pairs – one plain, one with a center cutout.

– Bake, spread jam on the plain cookies, and top with the cutout ones.

7. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

Oatmeal raisin cookies are a comforting choice for those who appreciate a heartier, chewy treat during the holidays. To make them:

– Cream butter and sugars, then add eggs and vanilla.

– Stir in oats, flour, baking soda, cinnamon, and a pinch of salt.

– Mix in raisins.

– Drop spoonful onto the baking sheet and bake until golden brown.

8. Almond Snowball Cookies

These delicate, nutty cookies melt in your mouth and resemble little snowballs. To make almond snowball cookies:

– Cream together butter and powdered sugar and add vanilla and almond extracts.

– Stir in flour and finely chopped almonds.

– Shape the dough into small balls.

– Bake until set but not brown, then roll them in powdered sugar while they’re still warm.

9. Cranberry White Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cranberry white chocolate chip cookies offer a delightful balance of tart and sweet flavours. Here’s how to prepare them:

– Cream butter and sugars, then add eggs and vanilla.

– Mix in flour, baking soda, and a pinch of salt.

– Fold in dried cranberries and white chocolate chips.

– Drop spoonful onto the baking sheet and bake until golden.

10. Pecan Sandies

Pecan sandies, also known as Mexican wedding cookies or Russian teacakes, are nutty, buttery, and incredibly satisfying. To make them:

– Cream butter, sugar, and vanilla until smooth.

– Mix in flour, chopped pecans, and a pinch of salt.

– Shape the dough into small rounds and bake until the edges are lightly golden.

– Once cooled, roll them in powdered sugar for that iconic sandy finish.


The holidays are the perfect time to indulge in the joy of baking and sharing delectable Christmas cookies with loved ones. These ten delightful recipes offer something for every palate, from the classic sugar cookies adorned with colourful icing to the cozy comfort of oatmeal raisin cookies and the festive charm of gingerbread. Whether you’re a seasoned baker or new to the world of cookies, these recipes are sure to make your holiday season sweeter and more memorable. So, gather your ingredients, preheat your oven, and let the baking festivities begin!

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